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We inspect large commercial buildings as well


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Commercial properties vary in size, type, function and services.  If you have a commercial premises needing inspection, please contact Canberra Inspections for a chat.

Canberra Inspections will want to know what you want with the inspection.

What kind of report do you want, and for what purpose is the report being put?

What type of building is it and what purpose will it be put?

Is the property zoned for your intended purpose?

What services are in the building?

Are there fire sprinklers?

Is there air-conditioning, and what type?

What security services are there?

What is the roof made from?

Do you want an inspection on the workability of these services?

Do you want a report on the grounds, and what size are they?

Do you want drawings made?

What does the current owner already have with regards this?

Who has been maintaining these services? Are they available to meet on site?

What size is the building?

What is the building’s age?

How many floors in the building?

And we will want to know who you are too. International clients may have different needs to local clients.

These are the main questions Canberra Building Inspections could ask you. Some commercial reports may only be a dozen pages. Some commercial reports have exceeded three hundred pages. Sometimes an hourly rate is the fairest way to do commercial reports. Other times a quote is best.

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For information on our residential reports and other domestic inspections, please contact us at Canberra Building Inspections.